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Welcome to CORE Youth Ministry...

Mission: CORE youth ministry connects students and adults as we become more faithful disciples of Christ while growing, serving, and having fun.

CORE Youth Ministry is a place where everybody is somebody! We are a ministry that is passionate about relationships and our hope is that we would grow closer together as we grow closer to God. There's always something going on and we hope that you'll join us, so come check out CORE. Feel free to look around our website for more information on our programs, events, and ministry.

Vision: To be a youth ministry that unites students, congregation members, and staff in an environment of acceptance and authenticity as we learn and share Christ's love with all.

Please view our COVID Policy for CORE Youth Ministry!



List of CORE values:


Christ-Centered: We seek to have an authentic relationship with Jesus and each other, remembering that God is the source of everything we are and do. 

Love: We show compassion, concern, and care for others because we first have been loved by Christ.

Welcome: We model God’s grace by understanding the needs of students and ensuring everyone feels safe and accepted no matter where they are on their faith journey. 

Fun: Together we build a climate where everyone can be themselves while experiencing structured chaos filled with joy. 

Growth: We intentionally learn about our faith, explore our gifts, and encourage everyone to be a lifelong disciple of Christ.

Mission: We put our gifts into action by being the hands and feet of Christ, joining in God’s work by serving others and caring for God’s creation.