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S. MInistry logoThe Stephen Ministry at Silver Spring Presbyterian Church is a confidential ministry to help those who are hurting. A Stephen Minister is a trained, Christian, lay person who provides a strictly confidential caring and spiritual presence that encourages a person in distress to share emotional or spiritual pain. Our Stephen Ministers have gone through fifty hours of intensive training and are ready to offer faith based care to people in our congregation and community who are going through situations of grief, illness, loss of job, divorce, difficult preganancy, loss of friends, financial problems, among other crises. Even some happy experiences can bring stress and rattle our lives. Change, whether good or bad, large or small, may cause a ripple effect and become problematic.

Our program of complete confidentiality provides a safe place for those who need to talk without judgement or the fear of their story being retold. The relationship between a caregiver and care receiver is one of loving kindness, caring, and intent listening. We are not professional therapists or counselors who have solutions; we are not "fix-it" people. God can fix problems. You, with your Stephen Minister, can open the door to let God help you.

Please contact our referral coordinator, Sally McGaffin, (717) 697.1479, to arrange for a relationship with a Stephen Minister or for information regarding becoming a Stephen Minister.


Faith Over Fear


What Does Faith in God Really Look Like?


Caring for your mental health IS about your health. Anxiety and depression are conditions the same as high blood pressure or diabetes and can greatly affect your overall health. During these difficult unprecedented and unpredictable times we are being asked to do new things, communicate in new ways and care for one another differently. Stress and fear can not only impact us mentally but can have adverse effects on us physically as well. It is difficult to maintain a positive attitude in these trying times but we have to learn how to stay informed without the news of the pandemic and happening in our world overpowering us causing us to fear for our future.

We need to “keep the faith” that God will protect us and show us the way to grow our faith over fear. Joshua 1: 9 is a good example “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” One way is to start each day by reading from The Upper Room, a free daily devotional available at church. Build on your spiritual well-being to help you enjoy life to the fullest when you place your trust in the Lord.


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