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Winter ROAR Team Report from Gainesville, FL (February 2023)

This mission trip marks 30 years of SSPC members and friends serving our brothers and sisters in need in the name of Jesus Christ.  It was also an opportunity to reunite with friends made over those 30 years and to join with new friends in service to people in need.

The 34 member ROAR Team returned to Gainesville, Florida to work with Alachua Habitat for Humanity from Monday, January 30 through Friday, February 03, 2023.  The Team was made up of members and friends of Silver Spring Church.  The volunteers were almost evenly divided with 15 women and 19 men, a great mix for the work projects.  There was a variety of tasks to keep everyone busy. 

Our framers started with a concrete slab and raised the walls of a three bedroom, including all interior partitions, sheeting of the exterior walls, set the roof trusses, and installed the support posts, beams, and trusses for the front porch.  The four exterior walls were completed on Monday.

The other two project homes needed painting, interior and closet doors installed, and kitchen and bathroom cabinetry assembled and installed.  The team painted interior walls, ceilings, door frames and doors.  They also painted the porch ceilings and the porch posts.  Our door teams installed 23 interior doors which included seven double hung closet doors.  The cabinet team assembled and installed the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry in one home and assembled 80% of the cabinets in the second home.  The cabinets came knocked down in boxes and were not easy to assemble. 

The work of the ROAR Team moved three Habitat partner families much closer to their dream of owning a home of their own.  As I left the job site on Thursday afternoon the partner home owner of the framing site drove up to see the progress on her home and was very surprised and very thankful to see the amazing progress  on her home.

The Alachua Habitat team was well prepared and helpful to the Team efforts in all three homes.  The Team is thankful for the prayers of the congregation for a safe and productive work week.

Notes prepared by Terry Reed for the Mission Committee.  More pictures will be posted on the blue board in the Gathering Place.

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Anyone interested in more information or in participating in future ROAR mission trips should contact Terry Reed (ROAR) at 766-2714 or Fred Shatto (MATE) at 766-5311.

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