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Reach Out and Rebuild (ROAR) Projects

2019 Summer Mission Trip - Farmington, Maine

In August seven members of Silver Spring Church and three friends of the church ventured to Farmington Maine to work with the local Presbyterian Churches housing ministry called MATE, Mission At The Eastward.  We had eight people in the field and two who prepared meals for the Team. 

We had a safe work week, even though it was hot in the beginning.  We started the week in worship with the Fairbanks Union Church, followed by a tour of the project sites and a picnic at the Ratcliff’s home in the evening.  We started each day with devotions and breakfast, prepared by Susie and Ella, at St. Joseph’s church social hall, packed our lunches for the work site, worked all day and returned to the dorms between 4 and 5:00 pm.  After dinner prepared by our daring duo, we relaxed and played a variety of table games in the dorm.  We ended the week with a picnic hosted by Thea, the pastor of the Fairbanks Church.  The following work was completed making the clients’ homes safer, warmer and dryer.

· James’ Home: Installed a lean-to type shed roof over the outside oil tank.

· The roofline ‘matched’ the roofline of the existing roof over porch.  This may make it easier for the oil company to deliver fuel oil during the ‘Maine Winter.’

· Deborah’s Home: Installed two replacement windows in her bedroom and bathroom. The installation included extra insulation and vapor barriers to stem the flow of the cold ‘Maine’ winter winds.  Additionally we prepped and stained the front porch that had  not been done properly earlier in the season.

· Carule & Nye’s Home: Installed vinyl floor over the  entry (OSB) to the living room of their trailer.

· Jesse & Crystal’s Home:  Replaced two windows on the second floor and repaired a roof leak.

· Becky’s Home:  Removed a door and repaired the rotted sill and frame.  Installed a new door and trim, painted the door trim and trim around windows in the home.

· Terry’s Home:  Repaired fascia board at electrical service entrance.  Replaced and painted vinyl corner trim and repaired three courses of vinyl siding.

· Chris’s Home:  Removed two old windows in the trailer and installed two new windows.

· MATE Shop and Fairbanks Church:  Painted three doors and door trim.

· Tom & Becky’s Home:  Removed old rotted bathroom floor.  Replaced the sub-floor, installed sheet vinyl and trim.

· Tom’s Home:  Installed plywood paneling in the living room, laundry area and storage room.  Re-installed electrical outlets after paneling was installed.

The work accomplished improved the lives of about 24 residents of the homes we worked in which will enhance the quality of life for these families for years to come. The Team is thankful for the support of the congregation during this mission project that witnesses our love for Jesus Christ as we become His hands and feet in service to people in need.  
 ~Prepared by Terry Reed for the Mission Committee.

Stay tuned to weekly announcements to see when the next ROAR trip is scheduled.

Anyone interested in more information or in participating in future ROAR mission trips should contact Terry Reed (ROAR) at 766-2714 or Fred Shatto (MATE) at 766-5311.

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