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Reach out and rebuild

ROAR 2019

Reach Out and Rebuild (ROAR) Projects

2018 Summer Mission Trip - Farmington, Maine

On July 28, sixteen members and friends of the ROAR team traveled to Farmington Maine to work at the MATE Housing Ministry. On Sunday, the team worshipped with the congregation of the Fairbanks Union Church. We met the newly installed pastor, and Executive Director of the MATE Housing Ministry Rev. Thea Kornelius. Sunday afternoon the team visited and became familiar with the projects assigned to them. The team completed work on ten different homes that included; replacing windows at multiple sites; replace a front entry deck; replace the subflooring in a trailer bathroom, built a roof over an entry way; framed and install ½ plywood to interior wall of a trailer; installed cedar shakes on the exterior of a house; completely rebuilt a bath room in a trailer; fixed railing on a deck; rebuilt the roof over the entry way of a house; repaired a porch of a trailer; and miscellaneous other things.

On Wednesday evening the team invited the families whose homes they worked on, MATE Housing Ministry personnel and members from Sudbury Mass Presbyterian Church work group to dinner.  Over fifty people attended, which was by far the largest group we ever hosted. Thursday evening we had our annual picnic with Stan and Lisa Rackliff. In 2001 the ROAR team framed the basement, first, and second floors of a new house for Stan and Lisa and their two children.  This new house allowed Stan and Lisa to move from a hunting cabin that they and their children were living in. The team has kept in touch with them ever since.

Plan now to join the ROAR team on their next trip to MATE scheduled for July 27 - August 3, 2019.

2018 Winter Mission Trip - Gainesville, FL

During the week of February 5—9, 2018 members and friends of SSPC gathered in Gainesville, Florida to work with Alachua Habitat For Humanity.  Volunteers came from the Mechanicsburg area, Harrisburg, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Sweden so we are now a national and international team.  The Alachua Habitat Team was very organized and helpful. We worked on three homes and accomplished the following tasks: installed siding on all three homes; installed ‘J’ channel, soffit material and aluminum facia trim on two homes; trimmed out windows, corners, porch trim and porch posts; built interior partitions and installed blocking for cabinets on three homes; installed windows and doors; painted/sealed the exposed portion of the concrete foundations; applied two coats of paint to the siding on one home; and sealed a lot of joints and screw holes with caulk and patching compound. It was a good week with great weather, no injuries and plenty of time for fellowship.  Our thanks to the Congregation for your prayers and for the financial support that makes these mission trips possible.  The Silver Spring Church family and the ROAR Team has made a huge difference in the future of three families that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Stay tuned to weekly announcements to see when the next ROAR trip is scheduled.

Anyone interested in more information or in participating in future ROAR mission trips should contact Terry Reed (ROAR) at 766-2714 or Fred Shatto (MATE) at 766-5311.

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