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2019 Cairo, West Virginia ROAR Report

During the week of October 06 through the 11th nineteen members and friends of Silver Spring Church traveled to Cairo, West Virginia for the tenth and final mission trip there.  We were joined by members of the Hughes River Presbyterian Church and people in the community as we worked to repair homes and improve the lives of about 18 people in Cairo.  If we count the church we worked on the number of people served is around 40.  The following work was completed:

  • Davidson Chapel (church):  Removed rotted siding, studs, sill, and sheeting on the side of an addition to the church, a portion of rotted flooring, and spouting that was installed incorrectly.  The team installed new studs and miscellaneous framing members, added new sheeting and house wrap, new vinyl siding, and new elbows and down spout from the rain gutter.
  • Betty Lee:   Repaired/extended the kitchen counter top, replaced wall covering in the shower area of the bathroom, installed new molding in the bathroom, repaired the handicapped ramp, and replaced the access panel to the crawl space under the home.
  • Carlos:  Repaired sagging portions of a ramp/step system for access to the home and replaced rotted boards.
  • Miller/Godfrey:  Replaced a broken window with a replacement window (with much difficulty) and installed new rain gutters, downspout and associated elbows.
  • Paula:  Removed six 4’ X 8’ drywall ceiling panels in her garage and replaced same with new drywall.  Repaired roof leaks.
  • Brad:  Removed old deteriorated porch boards, roof support posts and fascia boards. New deck boards, posts and fascia boards were installed.  Roof leaks were sealed to prevent further damage to the porch area.
  • Donny & Drema:  Replaced three trailer windows with new windows and repaired roof leaks.
  • Julie’s:  Replaced one trailer window with a new window.  Replaced the floor under the kitchen sink (that area was open to the ground below).  Repaired leaking kitchen sink drain piping and secured the existing kitchen cabinets to keep them from collapsing.
  • Kay’s:  Removed the existing bath tub and vinyl wall surround and replaced it with a walk-in shower and wall system.  Replaced the existing toilet with a new chair height toilet.  Re-installed wood wall finish after the shower work was complete.
  • Community Building Kitchen:  This has been a busy place over the years, not as a construction site but as a place to meet, have devotions, and share meals prepared by volunteers from the Hughes River Church, other local volunteers and people from the ROAR Team.

That is a brief rundown of the work the ROAR Team accomplished in four days but I would like to note a little of the ten year history of the SSPC ROAR Teams, the Hughes River Presbyterian Church and the town of Cairo, West Virginia.

Steve Melton, former associate pastor at SSPC, went to West Virginia as the interim executive presbyter and subsequently met with the session of the Hughes River Church (HRC).  HRC wanted to address the needs, mostly building repair, of people in and around Cairo but did not know how to go about it.  Steve put them in touch with the ROAR Team.  For ten years the HRC has accepted applications for help from the community, assessed those requests and came up with a slate of potential projects.  HRC and other churches in Cairo have provided the funds to purchase materials each year; often the costs were $6,000.00 to $7,000.00.  That is a huge witness to God’s love when the church membership is under 20 people.  The ROAR Teams, along with people from HRC and the community, have provided the muscle and skill to do the actual work.

Over the past ten years the Teams have worked on over 48 different sites, and with repeat requests, have completed over 70 projects.  That’s 70 projects in 50 days.  Over the years, the volunteers included 62 members and friends of SSPC, 12 people from the HRC and/or local volunteers, six women who served the Teams lunch every day of the week and the Ace Hardware people who provided materials for the various projects. 

The information noted above cannot begin to communicate the efforts made by the SSPC ROAR Teams and the people of the Hughes River Church to be the hands and feet of our savior Jesus Christ as we served the people in and around Cairo.  It does not convey the love and fellowship shown to us by the Hughes River congregation and the people of Cairo.  It was a good and productive week but a very sad one too.

Prepared for the Mission Committee by Terry Reed     

Stay tuned to weekly announcements to see when the next ROAR trip is scheduled.

Anyone interested in more information or in participating in future ROAR mission trips should contact Terry Reed (ROAR) at 766-2714 or Fred Shatto (MATE) at 766-5311.

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