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Silver Spring Wildflower Meadow


Pollinators- including bees, butterflies, moths, and other insects- are disappearing across the United States, due in part to habitat loss.  To help mitigate these losses on a local level, the Earth Care Team embarked on a project to establish native wildflowers in some underutilized spaces on campus.  In 2018 we selected a half-acre by the old sand volleyball court for our future meadow.  We had the turf grass sprayed with herbicide.  In May 2019, areas with dead grass were rototilled, and then hand seeded by the Earth Care team.  We also installed two bat boxes on poles previously used to secure the volleyball net.  Within 3 months, some wildflowers were blooming.  Most of the wildflowers were perennials, delaying their first bloom until summer 2020. 

Now our meadow is full of color between June and September with over 20 species of native wildflowers on display.  We’ve added interpretive signs, and in 2021, planted an additional 5,000sq ft with seed and wildflower plugs.  The meadow is a low-maintenance area that provides multiple benefits.  By mowing the meadow once each fall, we help reduce the church’s mowing costs, while ensuring the meadow serves its purpose as a valuable food source for insects and other wildlife.  Please come visit the meadow and enjoy the flowers in bloom the next time you are here!

















Last Published: October 25, 2021 3:44 PM