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MATE - August 2021

During the week of Sunday, August 01 through Saturday, August 07, thirteen members and friends of Silver Spring Church answered God’s question, “Who shall I send” when they answered, here I am Lord. 

The Team worked on six different project sites as listed below.  The weather was relatively cool all week with a few rain showers.  It was a very productive (and safe) week.  We began the week with worship at the Fairbanks Union Church and then toured the initial project sites. The Team enjoyed a picnic at the Ratcliff’s home on Sunday evening and a picnic at the Fairbanks Union Church on Wednesday evening.  The Team hosted the families we worked for on Thursday evening with a great ham supper prepared by our chefs Susie Reed and Ella Reardon.  Our chef’s provided hearty breakfasts and evening meals for us throughout the week.

The work consisted of the following projects:

Tanya and Robert’s home

  • Remove deteriorated kitchen cabinets and about two thirds of the kitchen floor and sub floor.  Repair leaks in the kitchen sink that caused the damage. 
  • Floor joists were repaired; new sub-floor was installed; walls were repaired; new finished flooring was installed; new cabinets were installed; the existing countertop was re-installed; kitchen appliances were re-installed; leakes were repaired in the sink by MATE.

Angelina and Bonita’s home

  • Replaced a bathroom sink faucet to make it easier for an arthritic to operate the faucet.
  • Cut an access hole in the bedroom wall for access to a leaking shower valve that will be replaced by MATE.  An access cover was made and installed to cover the hole in the wall.
  • A new shower curtain rod was also installed.

Carla’s home

  • Remove a window and reframe the opening for a new (shorter) window.
  • Installed the new window and trim and re-installed the window air conditioner.

Darrell and Cindy’s home

  • Remove deteriorated sub flooring in one bedroom.
  • Install new subflooring in one bedroom.
  • A new porch and steps for safe egress from the back door of the mobile home was built.

John’s home

  • The homeowner had removed the existing finished floor material and had all of the baseboard cut and in place for this project.
  • The floor crew installed approximately 800 square feet of finished floor material and installed the precut baseboard.

Cal’s home

  • Remove and replace a rotted windowsill and vertical trim.
  • New wood was installed and prepared for painting by the owner.

It was a good, safe, and productive week.  All the homeowners were pleased and thankful for the work that was done to improve their living conditions.

The team is thankful for the support and prayers of the congregation.


Notes prepared by Terry Reed for the Mission Committee.  

Last Published: August 30, 2021 2:33 PM